Lake Mead

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This is the largest reservoir in the United States. Southern California and Nevada rely on it as a primary source for their water supply. The lake is located on the Colorado River, 48 miles southeast of Las Vegas. It is situated on the border of the states of Arizona and Nevada.

Lake Mead

The lake was created during the construction of Hoover Dam and stretches to 180 kilometers. During the planning and construction of Hoover Dam, A special agent of the Bureau of Water projects in the U.S., was Elwood Mead. The lake is named after him.


Đ¢here was danger of flooding, during the construction of the dam, so the people from several villages points have been evacuated . Nowadays, when the water of the lake falls, you can see the ruins of the city.

Water ski at lake Mead

Lake Mead is visited by ten million tourists each year. It is the fifth most visited park in the National Park system in the United States. It is one of the major tourist destinations of the hotel in Las Vegas. It was declared a national holiday in the area in 1964. Everyone who comes here can have fun while swimming. ride on a boat, water ski, fish. Most beaches around the lake can be reached only by boat. there are different kinds of fish in the lake, but fishing is allowed only for people with valid licenses. Here you can catch catfish, which is considered a culinary delicacy.